Design, Purpose and Specificity of the Narwhal’s Tusk

The narwhal’s tusk is a fascinating organ as it has the composition of a tooth but very different properties, in particular its ability to grow in a straight line. To understand the design mechanism allowing this particular feature, we will first present the composition, function and properties of the tusk.…

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Hypotheses for the Tooth Eruption Mechanism

Tooth eruption, the movement of the tooth germ from its non-functional position in the alveolar processes to its final function position in the oral cavity, is a little-known mechanism despite being highly documented. Many theories try to explain the mechanism of the eruption of the tooth; however, none succeed to…

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Rodent Adaptations to Ever-growing Teeth

Rodents have ever-growing incisors as a result of their chew-intensive diets. The potential consequences of this growth are numerous and can cause serious diseases for these animals. To avoid these outcomes, the structures and mechanisms involved in the function of nutrition must adapt to this trait. Therefore, the incisors are…

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