The Heart: Information and Storage Processing

We start by providing a general overview of the cardiac conduction system, beginning with the circuit the electric signal takes through the heart and then focusing in on specific cells. Such a complex cardiac conduction system is only fully present in mammals. We will then cover the signal conduction process…

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The Heart: A Biochemical and Cellular Perspective

This paper focuses on the biochemical and cellular properties of different cells found in the heart tissues such as cardiomyocytes and cardiac pacemaker cells. Cardiac output is explained to demonstrate how altering certain determinants can impact the overall function of the heart due to cellular properties. Some of these properties…

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The Heart: A Mechanical Perspective

The heart, present in almost all fauna, sometimes more than once in an organism (e.g., octopi possess three hearts) is connected to the rest of the body through a complex circulatory system which allows it to pump blood across the whole body in a coordinated, primarily automated manner, by contracting…

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