Bioinformatics and Sensory Function of Mammalian Fur: An Analysis of Coat Patterning, Whiskers, and Trigger Hairs

The Turing pattern, which is further explained in the paper, is an observed pattern in natural systems ranging from cheetah print to coral growth. Alan Turing proposed a mathematical model to describe pattern formation based on reaction and diffusion rates of morphogens, and this model holds true for a vast…

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Molecular and Histological Structures of Generic Mammalian Hair and Fur

Keratin structures are found throughout the animal world and can be found in diverse forms with varying functions. Hair has evolved to fit the needs of animals in their respective environments and thus has resulted in the range of keratin structures that can be seen in nature, from porcupine quills…

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Comparative Analysis of Biomechanical Properties of Mammalian Fur

The presence of hair, or rather keratin structures in nature is abundant. A wide range of animals have keratin structures present in their physiology that serve diverse and varied purposes. Any animal’s fur is optimized for their environment, which leads to the wide range of keratin structures observed in nature. …

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