Information Storage and Processing Analysis: The Barn Owl Ear

This report intends to discuss the organ of the ear from an information storage and processing perspective. To do so, the ear of the barn owl is used as a reference. The function of the barn owl ear from such a perspective will first be examined, followed by a detailed…

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Cellular and Echolocation Analysis: The Bat Ear

This report intends to analyze and discuss the organ of the ear from a biomolecular, cellular and tissue engineering perspective. To understand the general function of the ear from such a perspective, a focus is first placed on mammalian ears, more particularly on human ears, with the objective of illustrating…

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Biological Mechanical Analysis of the Odontocete Ear

The report that follows intends to discuss the biological mechanical and material properties of the ear while using the odontocete whale as a point of reference. The functions that the auditory must accomplish are detailed as well as the architectural mechanical properties of the odontocete ear which allow for such…

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