Blood Vessels

Information Signaling and Processing in the Vascular System

This report explores the notions of design and function of the vascular system as products of evolutionary processes in the framework of information storage and processing. The vascular system serves as a transportation system, delivering oxygen and sugars to other organs. The brain is the main site of information processing…

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Biomolecular Design of Veins and Arteries

The designs that enable arteries and veins to execute their functions are the products of evolutionary processes. This report explores this notion within the framework of biomolecular, cellular, and tissue engineering. Nitric oxide will be presented as an example of how blood vessels employ biochemicals to maintain homeostasis. Biosensor design…

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Comparative Analysis of the Biological Mechanics of Veins and Arteries in Animals

Outcomes of evolution, arteries and veins are dynamic vessels that serve to transport materials to the body’s tissues and organs. This is both enabled and facilitated by the designs that endow the devices with this ability. This report introduces the concept of design and function regarding blood vessels, analyzed within…

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