The Well-kept Secrets of Blood: The Mechanism of a Vital Fluid

This essay will explore blood but will more specifically approach its viscoelasticity to better understand the circulation through the body that is responsible for many important functions. Unlike most common fluids, such as water, blood has non-Newtonian properties and shear-thinning properties that result in the variation of its viscosity under…

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Mechanical and Material Design Principles of the Avian Egg Shell

The design of the avian egg presents intricacies ranging from its mechanically durable architecture to its composition of bacterial protective materials. Characteristics such as the function, architecture, operation, and eggshell vulnerabilities are presented to outline the success of embryo survival and chick pipping. Protection against various external conditions and the…

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Exploring the Structure and Functionality of Flippers

Among all living organisms, locomotion is extremely important. For large, multicellular organisms, it might be useful to find more suitable climates, or to escape from predators. For all living things, it is necessary to find nutrition, add diversity to the gene pool and limit inbreeding (Safran and Nosil, 2012). Methods…

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