Regenerative Scaffolds (e.g., grafts)

The Biomolecular Design of the Eye

In “The Optical Properties of Camera Eyes” the optical properties of the camera-type eye and how light can properly converge light onto the retina to endow an organism with a clear picture of its surroundings were discussed (Gedik et al., 2020). To summarize, the camera eye of many animal species…

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Biomolecular Design of Veins and Arteries

The designs that enable arteries and veins to execute their functions are the products of evolutionary processes. This report explores this notion within the framework of biomolecular, cellular, and tissue engineering. Nitric oxide will be presented as an example of how blood vessels employ biochemicals to maintain homeostasis. Biosensor design…

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Lost a limb? No Problem!

Life in the wild is extremely harsh. Major injuries such as the loss of a limb can quickly turn fatal for many animals if they are not protected by other individuals. Since an event like this is extremely dangerous if left unrepaired, many animals across vast phyla have evolved methods…

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