Navigation Technologies (e.g., SONAR, Lidar and Radar Technologies)

Cellular and Echolocation Analysis: The Bat Ear

This report intends to analyze and discuss the organ of the ear from a biomolecular, cellular and tissue engineering perspective. To understand the general function of the ear from such a perspective, a focus is first placed on mammalian ears, more particularly on human ears, with the objective of illustrating…

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The Heart: A Mechanical Perspective

The heart, present in almost all fauna, sometimes more than once in an organism (e.g., octopi possess three hearts) is connected to the rest of the body through a complex circulatory system which allows it to pump blood across the whole body in a coordinated, primarily automated manner, by contracting…

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Biological Mechanical Analysis of the Odontocete Ear

The report that follows intends to discuss the biological mechanical and material properties of the ear while using the odontocete whale as a point of reference. The functions that the auditory must accomplish are detailed as well as the architectural mechanical properties of the odontocete ear which allow for such…

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