Find more details regarding each of the Bioengineering streams at McGill University. 

See various systems and organs that are essential to biological functions in living organisms.

Observe numerous factors that influence both the evolution and environment of biological systems.

Discover a variety of problems that living organisms face in everyday life, as well as Nature’s remarkable solutions.


Bioengineering uses analytical methods to quantitatively describe biology. It also draws upon the sophistication of living systems to design and create. This very rapidly growing research area covers a broad range of topics, such as materials science, biomedical applications, biophysics, molecular biology, and environmental engineering.

BIEN 200 is an introductory course for bioengineering students. Throughout it, students work in groups on a three-part project that gives them greater insight into the three major streams offered by McGill University’s Bioengineering program. 

This hyperlinked e-book ‒ Nature’s Design Toolbox ‒ is the repository of the BIEN 200 student projects. The Hyperbook aims at building and promoting an overarching understanding of design solutions in the context of evolutionary adaptations of living organisms. The curated proceedings illustrate, analyze and systematize the nontrivial and parsimonious biological adaptations in the context of Physics (biological materials, mechanics, and sensing), Chemistry (biomolecular, cellular, and tissue engineering), and Mathematics (biological information and computational engineering). Besides being a source of inspiration and creativity, the Hyperbook is intended to help bioengineering applicants and undergraduate students choose their preferred bioengineering stream. We hope you enjoy it! 


If you have any inquiries, do not hesitate to contact any of the following bioengineering professors or undergraduate students.

Prof. Dan V. Nicolau 
Macdonald Engineering Building, Room 375
817 Sherbrooke Street West
Montréal, Quebec H3A 0C3
phone_icon  +1 514 398 8261

Assistant Prof. Natalie Reznikov
Pavillon des Sciences Biologiques (SB), 5th floor
141 du Président-Kennedy Avenue
Montréal, Quebec H2X 3X8
phone_icon  +1 514 441 4536

Course Assistant Laura Camila Penuela Cardenas 

Course Assistant Samuel Bernard